Thursday, August 27, 2015


An artist watching me paint this carefully photographed every step of the process as the painting developed.

When I finished, he suggested I create a mini-tutorial so other artists could try this approach. He felt it was very unique and interesting. A fun new way to use oils, with great results. I agreed.

So I’ve done that. It’s now an eBook you can download as a pdf. It’s sort of like a mini workshop where you can look over my shoulder as I develop this painting. You’ll see each step of the process along with my explanation of what I was doing and why. Then you can try it yourself.

For one thing, this was painted on a toned surface. And the surface was a card stock, not canvas. Which immediately alters the behavior of oil paints as they are applied. And that opens up new opportunities to use the interesting techniques and results you’ll see here. Check it out and see for yourself.

You can download the eBook HERE. I’m charging just $10 (hey, I had to charge something for all this.) And I think you’ll enjoy trying this method yourself. It could open a whole new window of opportunity for you.

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