Sunday, June 19, 2016


     This is another small painting I did while waiting at the airport. Drawing or painting on a small scale has a delightful immediacy to it that makes it practical to tackle subjects like this.
     For this painting I used a small painting kit of my own design that I call my "stealth kit" because it takes up minimal space and can be used discreetly at times like this. I showed a photo of my kit yesterday but in case you missed it I’m showing it again below.
     For these small pieces I generally start with a rapid gesture sketch to capture the overall feeling of the figures. It takes me only a few minutes to do that part (I’ve had lots of practice.) Then if the people move along before I finish, at least I have the basic composition established. That’s what happened here.
     I was able to sketch all three figures as well as their mountain of luggage while they stood and discussed whatever they were dealing with.
     In fact I had already begun the painting stage of this one before they left. But I had all the information I needed and was able to confidently complete it even when they had moved on.
     Yesterday during a figure workshop I taught I discussed this with my students and encouraged them to try their hand at it too. It’s great fun and it’s a terrific way to build confidence and become more proficient at figure work.
     I thought this subject would be a nice one to post here on Father’s Day. I was very pleased with this one and hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. Email me here:


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