Monday, June 09, 2008


6x6 oil painting on gessoed fom-cor
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This is another magic moment captured with a palette knife and the handy little paintbox that I’ve described in past blog posts. By keeping it ready in the car at all times I am able to take advantage of opportunities like this on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera handy to show a photo for comparison. I feel lucky to have been able to get this while the moment lasted.

Have a wonderful day, and pass the feeling along

Today’s thought to smile about:
Chocolate chip cookies


Blogger jmschiff said...

Tom. I am a fellow artist and have been following your blog daily for several months since I discovered you on e-bay. You never fail to amaze with your beautiful color and texture. I have been trying to get the same creamy paint texture with no luck so far. Would you be willing to tell me what medium or other tricks you use to achieve it? Thanks, Carol S.

7:20 AM  

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