Wednesday, December 03, 2008


8x10 inch impressionist oil painting
by Tom Brown
To purchase this painting, email me at

HOT NEWS: A new supply of the “Painting BIG” videos has just arrived, and orders are being shipped immediately.

The complete “Painting BIG” package includes two videos entitled “Secrets To Creating Successful Large Oil Paintings, Part I & II” plus a printed guide entitled “Essential Secrets To Painting BIG.” The special offer price is $50, with free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

This combination of materials is critical to anyone interested in creating large paintings on a truly professional level. The same concepts also apply to smaller paintings that will take multiple sessions to complete.

The two videos are from my TV show, where I was filmed live as I painted a large canvas from start to finish. These are the same techniques I used when creating three recent 5-foot-wide commissioned paintings now permanently installed in the lobby of the Civic Center.

Many artists who are skilled at painting on a small scale struggle to retain freshness and vitality in their work when creating larger paintings. My “ESSENTIAL SECRETS TO PAINTING BIG” shows how to overcome this problem and many others. For example . . .

This guide will help you produce paintings with “wall power” for better sales.

You’ll learn how to create a sense of cohesiveness and continuity in your paintings.

And how to end one painting session so that the next session will flow better.

You will learn critical advance preparation necessary before picking up a brush.

I even tell how to create large paintings in a small studio if space is limited. (Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a spacious studio.)

The special offer price is $50, with free shipping to anywhere in the USA. This special “Painting BIG” package also makes a unique Holiday gift for your artist friends! To order, email me at:

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Finding the perfect Holiday gift for someone very special


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