Wednesday, January 07, 2009


6x6 inch original plein air painting
by Tom Brown
To purchase this painting, email me at

This charming house with a white trellis caught my eye and I set up my easel across the street. Near the gate was a small red tricycle that added a nice touch of color.

It was a peaceful morning and I painted undisturbed, but just as my painting was completed two cars joined the scene. Fortunately I had already captured the charm of the scene before they arrived. I am including a photo here as a comparison of what the camera sees and what the artist sees in a scene.

I would like to suggest a New Year’s Resolution for every artist who follows this blog: Make this the year when you actually get outside and paint directly from nature (en plein air). You will certainly grow as an artist, guaranteed.

If you live in the area you may want to join my Plein Air Workshop beginning this Saturday, January 10th. All skill levels are welcome, and I have some new and interesting lessons planned for everyone. Email me for details if you’re interested:

If you can’t attend my live workshops, my “PLEIN AIR VIDEO & E-BOOK PACKAGE” will show you everything you need to know to join the fun of outdoor painting. It’s just $50, and it will get you started right. See yesterday’s blog for more information or email me for details:

Thanks for looking.


Blogger tohidas art said...

I love ur plien air painting,so small yet very viberant.

11:14 AM  

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