Wednesday, January 20, 2010


18x24 inch California Impressionist
original oil painting by Tom Brown

This is a large studio painting done from a 6x8-inch plein air study done on location. The study appeared on my blog in early October of last year, and it now hangs on my studio wall.

I had often thought of using the study as the basis for a larger studio piece and finally found the time to create this 18x24-inch painting.

One of the keys to successfully creating a large painting from a smaller study is to retain the freshness of the original study when working in a much larger size.

I felt I accomplished that goal in this painting. If you click on the detail image you can see how I kept a loose, fresh feeling to the brushwork even though this is a fairly large canvas.

This was originally slated for a gallery later this year but I changed my mind and decided to let it go to a local artist who I felt would give it a good home.

If you like it, feel free to email me with your comments:

Thanks for looking.

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