Monday, February 06, 2012


ARTISTS: JOIN MY SPECIAL SATURDAY WORKSHOP – SECRETS TO PAINTING MORE “KEEPERS” ON LOCATION. DON’T MISS THIS ONE! You’ll learn my techniques and tricks that work every time. For example I’ll show you how to identify and nail down the “magic” you see, and transfer that without fail into a large canvas.

One way to do it is to use a small quick study to capture the moon fast, while it’s fresh. A combination of the brush and palette knife works great for this. Then you can work at your leisure on a large canvas, using the quick study to keep you on course. I’ll show you how.

I’ll also show you how to “see” both values and hues simultaneously, to more easily visualize the potential of a scene before starting. It puts you on the right path right away, for a solid start and successful finish.

The workshop will be held at an inspiring location on Saturday morning, February 11 from 9am to noon and the cost is just $20. This spot has convenient parking, restrooms and shady trees to sit beneath as we paint. Email for details:

Recently on this blog I’ve been discussing other artists whose work I enjoy, including Matt Smith, Camille Przewodek, Richard Schmid, Nicholai Fechin, Charles Hawthorne, Henry Hensche, Emille Gruppe and others. My comments until now have dealt with their thoughts on brushwork, palette knife techniques and color usage – all of which relate to this painting. If you haven’t read those posts yet you may want to scroll back on my blog to check them out.

Today’s painting was done using both brushes and the palette knife, and it combines rich hues as well as subtle grayed colors to bring out the mood I wanted to capture. (Check out the detail image above.) This is a 5x6 inch original oil painting on a Masonite art panel. To bid on this painting click here:

I hope this brief discussion was of interest. Thanks for stopping by.
Tom Brown

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