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Matt Smith and Camille Przewodek are two of the artists whose work fascinates me.

While teaching a workshop recently I was asked about some of the artists who have inspired me. Richard Schmid is one of those artists, and in yesterday’s blog posting I mentioned his comments on using the palette knife. Today’s painting was done using both the knife as well as brushes by the way.

Matt Smith and Camille Przewodek were two other artists I named whose work I greatly admire, each for very different reasons.

I have observed each of them during plein air competitions. Each of them creates marvelous paintings even though their styles are very different. Especially regarding the colors they choose to put into their paintings.

Matt Smith tends to use subdued hues while Camille Przewodek sees herself as more of a colorist, emphasizing bold and lively colors in her work.

The painting shown here tends to emphasize rich hues, which was the response I had to the landscape before me as the warm light of late afternoon washed across the landscape.

I’m including a photo taken at the site for comparison with my interpretation of the scene. This painting is a 6x6 inch original oil painting on a Masonite art panel. To bid on this painting click here:

In coming posts I’ll discuss more of the artists whose work has influenced my own development. I hope this brief discussion was of interest. If you would like to comment, please email me here:

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