Monday, September 28, 2015


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Being able to find the beauty in commonplace things opens up new vistas of enjoyment in life. This is a pair of well-worn Topsiders. Not particularly noteworthy in themselves. But I liked the way the light was falling on them, with the shadows linking together the large shapes of this simple composition. And that was the starting point.

Then I considered how I could use color creatively to add a bit more interest; a bit more subtle in one place, a bit bolder in another. And suddenly a painting was born.

I am showing a photo of the actual shoes here for comparison with my interpretation. Other artists often tell me that they find it interesting when they can see a photo of the actual subject like this along with my painting of it.

Sometimes the everyday things we often overlook can suddenly catch our eye and stand out as worthy of recognition. I was pleased with this piece and hope you share my appreciation of simple things like this. Thanks for looking and have an eye-opening day.

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