Thursday, December 20, 2007


6x8 inch Original Oil Painting

This is a demonstration painting I did during a plein air workshop in California. If you want to try your hand at plein air painting but can’t make it to my workshops, my new CD art lesson is almost like being there with me.

“PLEIN AIR PAINTING MADE EASY” is for anyone from absolute beginners to experienced artists. Everything you need to know to join the fun of outdoor painting is included here. It is a PDF file that you will use like a book on your computer, or print out for handy reference.

I show you all my inside tips, tricks and techniques; things that you can use right away. I explain how to get started, an easy way to simplify complex scenes, how to judge values (the lightness and darkness of colors), the best ways to use brush stroke technique and lots more. I even include details on an inexpensive painting kit that goes anywhere. (It costs “pocket change” and I use mine frequently.)

I also let you look over my shoulder as I create a number of paintings under different conditions. In each demonstration I show step-by-step details and give you the recipes for color mixing, tips on brush strokes, and loads more. You can follow along to gain practical experience before ever venturing outdoors with your own paints.

This will make a great Holiday gift to yourself or the budding artist on your list. Just email me at for ordering instructions. The CD price is $30 including shipping. I ship to the US only, and I accept PayPal or personal checks.

Today’s thought to smile about:
The joy of painting from nature

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