Monday, January 21, 2008


Representational Abstract Painting
8x8 inch original oil painting
Email me if you are interested in this piece:

I love to create abstract paintings, both nonobjective as well as representational abstracts like this. I am known best for my impressionist paintings, but today I thought I would show you a different side of my work. Yesterday I showed an abstract of a freeway scene, today’s abstract is a rising moon.

The foundation of every good realistic painting is a solid abstract composition. Sometimes the abstract is better than a realistic piece could ever be and I felt this is one of those times.

Rather than capturing specific details I simply wanted have fun with the surface texture of the paint and work with the design and color of the piece. I stayed loose and free, and I allowed the tactile effects of the paint to take on a life of its own. (Look at the gobs of thick, juicy paint in the detail photo.) When I arrived at this point, I was finished. I felt that any additional work would kill the energy of the piece.

I’m interested in your reactions or comments. Let me hear from you.

Today’s thought to smile about:
The texture of thick, juicy strokes of oil paint

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Blogger Connie Kleinjans said...

Tom, I'm really enjoying this latest series of yours (if two is a series). These pieces are evocative, and make me want to throw caution to the wind! (Oh no.....!) More!

3:01 PM  

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