Friday, January 18, 2008


8x8 inch original oil painting

I went to the beach expecting a sunny day but there was a marine layer when I arrived. It created a very “grayed” and muted color scheme. Not what I hoped for, but the waves and surf were wonderful so I decided to simply make the best of it. I sat in the sand just beyond the water’s edge to paint this, using my little $20 laptop paintbox. I later realized that the sand was damp when I sat down, oops.

Seagulls were circling over something in the water that I couldn’t see, and I felt they added a nice touch to this scene so I included them. The air was clean and fresh; there is something invigorating about salty sea air. The beach was quiet except for the surf and cries of the gulls. It was a beautiful morning. I had wanted sunshine and clear skies, but now I’m glad I decided to stay and paint this.

Thanks for looking. Let HAPPINESS be a part of your day, and pass that along to someone else.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Seagulls floating on air currents

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