Sunday, January 20, 2008


Representational Abstract Painting
8x4 inch original oil painting
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This abstract reminded me of extreme video gaming. A horde of competitors jam the freeway as they descend upon Paradise City. Some will make it to the next level, some will burn out. This is real life, not a video game. Feel the energy!

I love to create abstract paintings, both nonobjective as well as representational abstracts like this. I am known best for my impressionist paintings, but today I thought I would show you a different side of my work.

The foundation of every good realistic painting is a solid abstract composition. Sometimes the abstract is better than a realistic piece could ever be and I felt this is one of those times.

Rather than capturing specific details I simply wanted have fun with the surface texture of the paint and work with the design and color of the piece. I stayed loose and free, and I allowed the tactile effects of the paint to take on a life of its own. (Look at the gobs of thick, juicy paint in the detail photos.) When I arrived at this point, I was finished. I felt that any additional work would kill the energy of the piece.

I’m interested in your reactions or comments. Let me hear from you.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Video games

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Blogger Dewberry Fine Art said...

Fabulous! It has so many levels of understanding and appreciation. I too love the abstract and lush rich paint application. Through all of that is a beautiful landscape painting. Wonderful!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Hmm, I had never thought of prliminay studies as an opportunity to dig in, and get sensual, in fact I always try to curb myself. And my instructors tell me that I might want to try harder. But Now, I have a different understanding, illuminated by your insite, about your own work, and I am equiped to tell the next instructor who describes my work as 'a paint porn fest,' that one mans opinion is not definitive, in fact, there are artist who deliberately indulge in the passion of this sensual medium, so there prudish restrained realists, TAKE THAT! (Mha, ha, ha, ha) -Carol

4:54 PM  

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