Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today’s painting:
6x8 inch original oil painting

Email me at to purchase this painting.

Yesterday a group of artists joined me at a charming plaza in the city of Orange for my usual Saturday morning plein air workshop. At the edge of the plaza people were enjoying their morning coffee at umbrella tables near a decorative town clock. It was a charming setting and they became my models as I painted this from life during the workshop.

There is nothing like the experience of painting outdoors directly from nature. In the videos of my TV shows I share the secrets, tips and techniques of how I paint on location. Each video shows a demonstration painted entirely on location and filmed in real time as I develop the picture from a blank panel to a finished oil painting. It’s like being on location with me!

My first 4 DVDs are available at $30 each, with free shipping (to the US only). For a limited time I am offering all 4 for just $100 (a $20 savings). To order, email me at:

Today’s thought to smile about:
Morning coffee at an outdoor café.

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Blogger Nancy said...

The pirates who make paper, went completely crazy with enthusiasm when I told them that we are going to get CDs for beginners and that you might be hired to teach a class for people who have never painted. They went off, singing, to their vats! Michelle (Wench Michell, wife of Admiral Brian Rooney, soon to be release, with a big fat apology from the judicial system, and they had better be glad that's all we are asking for) anyway Wench Michelle exclaimed, "Well, why didn't you say that we don't have to be artists to be in the class!" Tra La, tra la. A happier wench has never been seen. -Captain Carol The Terrible

5:07 PM  

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