Saturday, April 19, 2008


6x6 inch original oil painting
Email me at to purchase this painting.

This little gem has many rich nuances of color that are too subtle to see on a monitor, I wish you could be here to see it in person. In fact I wish you could have been there to see this scene as I painted it. The final moments of light in the sky were breathtaking; truly one of the majestic wonders of nature.

If you are an artist I strongly urge you to try your hand at Plein Air painting. There is nothing like the thrill of capturing a moment like this in oil paints. To get you started, I now have videos of my first four TV shows where you can watch me capture different scenes on location.

And here’s a bonus. In the “Back Bay” video I demonstrate a special outdoor painting kit that doesn’t cost a cent. It’s perfect for a first-time outdoor painter because it eliminates the need for costly equipment like French easels or other specialized gear. In fact this may be the only plein air equipment you ever want. Even experienced pros will want to keep this kit handy for unexpected opportunities like I do.

Each DVD shows a demonstration painted entirely on location and filmed in real time. You will watch me develop the picture from a blank panel to a finished oil painting as I explain each step of the process. You’ll see and hear how I select the composition and block it in. You’ll watch as I mix my colors, use special brushwork to achieve certain effects, and much more. This will really get you started on the right track for painting outdoors, even if you’re a first time beginner.

Watch these DVDs on your TV or computer and paint along. It’s the next best thing to being on location with me! Each DVD is priced at $30, with free shipping. Special limited time offer: All 4 DVDs for just $100 (a $20 savings!) To order, email me at:

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Finding an unexpected bargain

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