Friday, June 13, 2008


8x6 oil painting on canvas

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Yesterday I promised to show a painting today that demonstrates the relationship between painting with brushes or with a palette knife. This is a still life that was set up outdoors in my back yard and painted from life.

In the early stages of this painting I used abstract spots of color to locate the key shapes of the flowers, fruit, etc. These “color spots” are similar to how I approach a palette knife painting. I look for the big shapes and simplify them before adding any detail.

In this case the initial color spots merely reserved spaces on the canvas for these elements, and were not intended as the final colors. Each shape was then developed more fully until enough information was included to communicate the subject.

It is the color, value and shapes of the key elements that actually carries a painting; detail is far less important.

In fact this is the subject of a special Plein Air workshop I will be teaching this Saturday in Orange County for other landscape painters. If you’re an artist living in the area you may want to join us. Email me for details:

Hope you found this interesting. Have a colorful day!

Today’s thought to smile about:
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Blogger Joanne Contant said...

thank you for the demo. as a student i appreciate "how-to's".

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