Saturday, November 15, 2008



8x10 inch original oil painting
by Tom Brown

To purchase this painting, email me at

ANNOUNCING AN ALL-NEW DOUBLE VIDEO SET - I am now taking pre-orders for the newest set of videos taken from my TV series, in which I demonstrate how to create a large studio painting from a small plein air study.
The lesson is contained on two DVDs in which I create a 24x36 inch canvas from start to finish. In these 2 videos I share everything about the process, and the cameras capture it all, from details of my color-mixing on the palette to the way I lay strokes of paint on the canvas.

I also include tips on composition, blocking-in, values, edge treatment, aerial perspective, surface texture, how and when to use artistic license, plus much more.

I am now taking pre-orders for the first release of this 2-DVD set at a special price of $50. Don’t miss out. These videos also make unique Holiday gifts for your artist friends!

BONUS: For a limited time I will also include absolutely FREE my “Essential Secrets To Painting BIG,” which contains priceless information such as how to ensure that your painting has IMPACT in a gallery setting, how to work on large paintings in a small space, secrets to keeping freshness and vitality in your work, special equipment that makes life easier, and much more.

Email me for details:

Today’s happy thought:
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Blogger Don Gray said...

Intriguing design, Tom and wonderful depth progression. I really like that soft blue shadow on the hill in middle distance.

1:02 AM  

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