Monday, January 25, 2010


8x10 inch still life fruit
plein air painting by Tom Brown


This painting is simply about color and light. The subject matter is almost incidental. It was merely an excuse to play with my paints after I set up this still life on the back patio outdoors.

I hope you like it, and I thank you for looking.

If you’d like to purchase this painting, email me for details.

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Blogger Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Beautiful! Love this one!

4:59 AM  
Blogger policemisconduct2003 said...

That is really amazing. I had a bad experiece trying to purchase a painting from an artist in another state recently, and I have sworn off purchasing art, for the rest of the year, as a result. What started as fun turned into a nightmare. Had it not been for my test, a test (that he failed misserably) I would be free to purchase this painting of yours, but I stuck out as an art purchaser, and I must send all of my time on clean up, before I buy again. The artist whose work I was trying to collect broke out agreement when he e-mailed me that he sent the painting, even before he recieved payment for it, (I never got it, why didn't he wait for the payment, per our agreement, now he is throwing a daily snit fit about not recieving payment, in e-mails every day). Anyway he says that he is out the painting and out the payment, sans a parcial payment that he agrees he did get (for an amount above the agreed upon price, which escalated when he threw a second painting in, which I did not ask for, that changed the deal; true I loved the paintings, but I did not intend to purchase both. I think that an honest person would have kept to the original agreement to send the one painting upon payment, a dishonest person would send the purchase and an additional painting, before recieving payment, demanding the difference, and to add insult to injury would then claim never to have gotten paid and continue to demand payment everyday.
the real heat breaker is that I simply can not live without the paintings! And yet I have neither and I am out a lot of money. At this point all I can tell him is that if I ever get the paintings I will return them. (I sent cash to see what he would do, because, I have to test the waters when I wanted to buy a large collection for my trust fund, if he turned out to be easy to deal with, and honest I could have continued to purchase his work, but since he tried to screw me on the first purchase, I'm done. I don't have time to deal with people who are a pain in the butt. One has to test the waters first. You are always a pleasure to deal with, but buying art is just too tedious for me, I've wasted so much time trying to unravel the complications caused by this aborted acquisition from the out of state artist from hell, that I have to throw in the towel. Maybe you could write an article on purchasing art, it would be very helpful to know the protocal. Thank You for being you, love Nancy

6:04 PM  

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