Tuesday, March 23, 2010


16x10 inch studio oil painting
by Tom Brown

To purchase this painting email tombrownstudio@cox.net

This may be of interest to collectors and artists alike.

I sometimes create small Plein Air studies as the basis for larger paintings done in the studio. (This is a common practice among Plein Air painters and galleries often display both the study and larger studio painting together.)

Recently I posted a 5x7 inch study of this scene. It shows a remote corner of the abandoned El Toro Military base in Southern California. I later used that study as the basis of today's painting, which is a larger studio piece.

In the original study I was particularly interested in the color differences among the large trees. I wanted to retain that in this painting, along with the added color spots of the buildings. I also wanted to capture the abandoned feeling of these derelict structures.

Happily I was able to duplicate that in the large painting, while adding further interest through subtle brush techniques and other means.

The small study was done with a palette knife, which offers a quick and efficient means of recording the essence of a subject. (This is something I'll be teaching in my upcoming series of Plein Air Workshops.)

The larger painting shown here was done with brushes, in the usual style I use for gallery works. (Another lesson in my Plein Air Workshops.)

The 5x7 inch study proved to be a frame-worthy little jewel in its own right. And this 16x10 inch studio piece improves upon that. I'm really pleased with both, and intend to include them both in the book of my paintings to be released later this year.

In case you missed it, the study was filmed live as I painted it. You can see it on YouTube by clicking on the type above the image here. It lets you look over my shoulder as I paint.

I wanted to share this with everyone today. Thanks for looking and have a great day.
-- Tom Brown

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Blogger policemisconduct2003 said...

I know you will think that this is silly but I have all of the homeless from the Amazing Grace Ministry, in Heart Park, chaffing at the bit for a rendezvou at Orange library tomorrow to view the U-Tube, that's right, lunch at Marry's Kitchen soup line followed by a get together at the library to see whats new from Tom Brown. (Tee hee). You are in every news letter that we publish! And the run down trailers are the current favorite painting ever forever, (untill the next FPEF). Thank You for being YOU. Nancy Wood

5:41 PM  

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