Sunday, January 27, 2008


8x8 original oil painting

I will do another FREE PAINTING GIVEAWAY next month. I did this a couple of times last year. Someone will win a gallery quality painting absolutely FREE. It could be you. Even shipping is free. It’s just for fun and there are no strings attached. Keep an eye on my blog for details.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn Oil Painting or Plein Air painting, my newest CDs are just what you need. They’re like art books on your computer, where I share all my inside secrets, tips and techniques that you can use right away.

“OIL PAINTING MADE EASY” is for absolute beginners, and will get anyone started in the right direction. I give the short list of supplies to get started easily. I show how to begin a painting for guaranteed results. I give detailed color mixing formulas, show how to use brush strokes and lots more.

“PLEIN AIR PAINTING MADE EASY” covers my approach to outdoor painting in a variety of situations. I show how to work on toned panels, how to capture quickly moving light and how to approach a painting when you can settle in and take your time. I show equipment you can use that costs next to nothing and how to get started if you’re completely new to Plein Air painting.

Each CD is $30 including shipping. Email me to order

Today’s thought to smile about:
Alphabet soup
(I love to watch small children discovering the letters in it.)

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Blogger indiaartist said...

This tin painting is beautiful and I love the loose strokes and hazy mixed outlines of contents. Thanks.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Austin Maloney said...

I really like your stuff. So mush in fact that I've decided to add a link in my blog to yours.


10:48 PM  
Blogger Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Wow, looks like I found your blog at just the right time. Funny/strange to read ...If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn Oil Painting or Plein Air painting... that's just two of my goals for the year.

I have you in my favorites list and will come back often. You make oils look easy and FUN. Can't wait to see more.

7:58 AM  

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