Tuesday, November 10, 2009


11x14 inch California impressionist
plein air oil painting by Tom Brown

This is much larger than I usually paint on location but I was feeling inspired. Occasionally I take larger canvases with me when I search out locations to paint in case I have an opportunity like this.

In fact, I plan to demonstrate how to paint large canvases en plein air during my upcoming plein air workshop.

It is a workshop designed to teach other artists the joy of plein air painting, and we begin this week, on Saturday morning (the 14th). During the course of the workshop we will be painting the ocean, mountains, canyons and other scenic wonders. I have even selected locations where we can paint in comfort if it happens to rain.

Absolute control of each brush stroke can be the key to capturing the feeling of a subject. And of course, color and lighting are essential elements as well. Every subject presents different challenges, and this is what makes plein air painting so much fun for me.

Sharing these visual treats with others is my goal. For a while I can still offer my paintings at very affordable prices so that more collectors can afford them until I resume gallery affiliations late next year.

My larger paintings were represented through galleries nationwide for more than 20 years. My TV show also created a great demand for my paintings and my work is in many major corporate and private collections.

Several years ago I pulled out of galleries and began offering small daily paintings directly through my Daily Painter’s blog.

The response has been very gratifying but next year I expect to be in galleries again, which will necessitate a rise in prices soon.

Meanwhile if this stunning scene speaks to you grab it while you can! Email me for purchasing details: tombrownstudio@cox.net

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