Monday, March 01, 2010


6x8 inch Plein Air Impressionist
Original Oil Painting
by Tom Brown

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The weathered trunk and peeling layers of bark on this ancient eucalyptus tree caught my eye. Roots had been revealed by erosion along the river bank where I spotted this scene, and I decided to feature these elements in my painting as well.

I found the age of this tree an interesting contrast with the newly-planted young tree nearby, and chose to include that in my painting.

Attached is a photo of the actual scene. The sun had gone behind a cloud when I shot the photo, but it provides a comparison of the scene as I painted it, and how a camera sees it.

I was pleased with this piece. Let me know if you like it too. Thanks for looking.
-- Tom Brown

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Blogger mary pyche said...

I do like it too. I especially appreciate having the photo reference for comparison-sake and to understand the suttle changes necessary to make the composition work. Thanks.

6:26 AM  

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