Thursday, March 04, 2010


8x10 inch Acrylic Impressionist
Daily Painting by Tom Brown

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This is unusual for me - it's an acrylic painting and I am an oil painter. But in the past I had worked extensively in acrylics as well and I have a familiarity with those paints too.

An artist friend who paints with acrylics asked for my help in trying to master my oil painting techniques in his own paintings while using acrylics. This is a demonstration painting I did for him while using his acrylic paints.

A special focus in this lesson was how to soften edges of forms with these quick-drying paints. This is often a problem for acrylic painters, which was the case with my friend.

In the detail image you can see how I used this technique where the white clouds meet the edge of the tree shapes. A soft edge here can help the eye move more easily from the shape of the tree into the sky and create greater unity within the overall painting.

Another area where this was important was in the sky area itself where the soft white clouds disappear into the blue sky, as well as where the blue sky softly blends into the layer of subtle color toward the bottom the the detail image.

I was pleased with the results in this acrylic painting and I thought it would be interesting to share it here with you.

As always if you would like to own this little treasure or other paintings on my blog, simply email me at

Thanks for looking.
-- Tom Brown

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Blogger Lauren Maurer said...

I love the greens... this is beautiful!

5:37 AM  

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