Thursday, July 12, 2007

Urban Skyline Landscape Painting (click here to bid)

“BIRDS ON A WIRE” by Tom Brown
$45, available on eBay

Look closely at the painting and you’ll see the inspiration for the title. This painting is available on eBay. To bid, click the headline above the image.

Since I was painting in a busy urban area I used my compact “laptop” paintbox and worked in the comfort of my car. I thought that would help avoid interruptions. I was wrong.

A local gentleman parked his shopping cart full of worldly possessions next to my car and informed me that he and his one-eyed dog would hang out and keep people from bothering me. As I painted he kept up a running monologue and educated me about everything there is to know in life. True to his word, he DID keep other people from bothering me.

My new-found best friend spotted my camera and even offered to shoot my photo in case I “became famous.” When I finished I thanked him with a bit of cash to buy a good meal or whatever he and his dog needed and we parted, each a bit richer for the experience.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Hot and cold running water

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Blogger M. Sonoqui Gillette said...

Greetings Tom...glad you posted the slice of life, behind this particular painting. I too, am often inspired and grateful, for those chance meetings with an independant soul, such as the gentleman that was parked along side your car. Perhaps the "Birds on a Wire", were not the birds we see in the distance, but the two of you; exchanging thoughts and opinions about the world around you. I very much enjoy hearing of your experiences such as this one. It reminds us that painting is often more than just the communion between paint, canvas and artist. Looking forward to your field workshop tomorrow! C&M

8:37 AM  

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