Monday, May 05, 2008


Today’s painting: “THE SERENITY OF SUNSET”
Size: 6x8 inch original oil painting

Plein air painting is so easy if you just don’t make it hard. To capture the fleeting color and light in this sunset I used streamlined equipment that let me set up and begin painting in a matter of moments. That was important.

My approach to the subject was equally important, letting me get into the zone immediately and follow my muse. Recording a sunset leaves no time to falter, but it’s easier than you might think if you do it right.

Much advice about plein air painting that is given to artists in magazines and books is wrong, however. There are easier ways to approach it than I often see published.

If you want to have fun and paint well, find someone who already does that. Then copy their methods and make them your own. That’s how I teach in my workshops and on my TV show.

If you can find a good workshop instructor who teaches plein air painting in your area, I suggest you enroll in some workshops. There’s nothing like live instruction. The next best thing is to get videos and follow along at home until you get a feel for it. Then you can venture out with confidence.

Recently I’ve been able to make 4 of my TV shows available on DVDs. The response has been overwhelming and I’m happy to be able to help so many artists get off to a good strong start with plein air painting.

The DVDs cost $30 each and I’m excited about all of them, but if you want to get just one I would suggest “BACK BAY.” In the “BACK BAY” video I show how to make a simple outdoor painting kit that costs nothing. It’s great, because you can try your hand at outdoor painting without wasting lots of money on unnecessary things like a French easel.

If you want all 4 DVDs I can give you a discounted price of $100 for the full set. To order just email me at I accept PayPal or personal checks, whichever you prefer. Shipping is free anywhere in the USA.

Whether you try it on your own, with me, or with another instructor I encourage you to give it a try. You’ll be glad you did. Happy painting!

Today’s thought to smile about:
Sunsets; each is completely unique.


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